Meet Anisah Hanna's pet rats Dr Poo, Count Furcular, and Ellen Degenerat. The New Zealander posts videos of them dressed up and performing everyday human tasks like going to the office or sewing. Her productions have gone viral. 

In an interview with, the proud owner of eight rats said she loves filming them in unexpected scenarios, including at work, reading a book, eating dinner, and even in debauched settings - surrounded by vodka bottles and female dolls. The posts of her furry friends can get up to 40,000 views. 

Hanna was inspired by other Instafamous pets like JiffPom, a Pomeranian dog with nine million followers on Instagram, She started posting the videos in 2015. 

One of her main motivations for posting the videos on the internet was to convince her anti-rat friends to change their minds about rodents, she says. 

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