McDonald's in SA is sticking with frozen patties – even as the US gets 'juicier' burgers

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McDonald's Quarter Pounder
  • McDonald's in the US announced that it will no longer be using frozen patties in its some of its burgers.
  • The roll-out of the process started this month.
  • Locally, McDonald's say they will learn from the US process.

US fast food giant, McDonald's, announced last week that it will be using fresh - instead of frozen meat - in some of its hamburgers.

"It started four years ago with us asking, 'How do we really make a step-change in the quality of our burger at McDonald's?'" says the chain's US president, Chris Kempczinsk.

The answer: Listen to customers' demands and start using fresh beef in the Quarter Pounder.

McDonald's says it will use fresh beef for its Quarter Pounder, Double Quarter Pounder, and "signature crafted" burgers, including the new garlic white cheddar burger set to launch next month.

According to McDonald's, this will result in a "hotter, juicier" burger.

There are no plans, as yet, to do the same at South African McDonald's outlets.

"We look forward to learning from the American roll-out," said Daniel Padiachy, McDonald’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer in South Africa.

"In the meantime, our customers can remain confident that the beef currently served in our restaurants remains of the highest quality," he added.

The switch to fresh patties took years of behind-the-scenes efforts, including addressing issues with the supply chain, food safety, and employee training, the US company said.

The roll-out of fresh patties started earlier this month.

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