• You can pay just 90c for a burger at McDonalds, by just downloading its app.
  • But you have to be in a McDonalds store and at a till within 5 minutes.

McDonalds is giving away burgers for 90c, just for downloading its app – but only if you are quick.

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The app will tell you about all kinds of specials as they are rolled out, but it is the welcome offer that is the biggest treat. 

Here's how it works.

Download the app from the Apple or Android stores, and register.

Unlike us, you may want to read the welcome messages that follow, because one of them turns out to be important.

Make sure you are basically at a till before redeeming your 90c burger offer – because you have 5 minutes before it expires.

If, like us, you hit the button too quickly and can't make it to a cashier in time, no burger for you. 

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