Mthandeni, Cutty, Craig Clarke, Edgars
  • Cutty clothing has been selling quietly at local independent stores for many years.
  • Thanks to Maskandi artist, Mthandeni, who started wearing the brand at his concerts - reviving the 32-year-old brand for the second time - it is now being sold at Edgars.
  • The partnership has seen the company battle to keep up with demand and the artist looking for new ways to expand his brand. 
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Last year GA Creative Brands, which owns a couple of South African clothing brands, started noticing a puzzling spike in the sales of its Cutty cargo pants.

Cutty, launched more than thirty years ago, was bought by GA in 2002. Its clothes were mostly sold in small independent stores.

"The pants just started flying off the shelves and it left us wondering why," GA's Craig Clarke tells Business Insider South Africa. After some investigation, the company found that the demand was thanks to Maskandi artist, Mthandeni.

Mthandeni, Cutty, Craig Clarke, Edgars
A partnership made in fashion heaven for Maskandi singer, Mthandeni and Cutty's Craig Clarke

"We found that he would wear them at his concerts and straight thereafter people would go to the stores looking for them." As a result, the cargo pants would fly off the rails.

He approached Mthandeni, who subsequently became Cutty's brand ambassador.

The success of the partnership resulted in the small brand finding a home at all Edgars stores across the country.

Mthandeni, Cutty, Craig Clarke, Edgars

"The response has been unbelievable," says Clarke.

"Initially we could not keep up with the demand, but now we are starting to catch up

"I have always been a person who's loved fashion," Mthandeni tells Business Insider. "I get it from my dad."

He started wearing Cutty clothes simply because he loved the cut and look of the clothes.

He was just as surprised when he saw people copying his style and buying the clothes they'd seen him wear on stage. 

Mthandeni is brand ambassador for the Igcokama Elisha range. It stems from the name of his first album released in 2013.

Mthandeni, Cutty, Craig Clarke, Edgars

The Zulu word, Igcokama, means being "neat", while Elisha means "new". Mthandeni chose the name as he is the new look in Maskandi music.

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