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The 'Manhattan Madam' who ran a high-end prostitution ring in the 2000s will be questioned in the Mueller probe — here's everything we know about her

Mary Hanbury , Business Insider US
 Jul 25, 2018, 08:55 AM

  • The "Manhattan Madam" is being questioned as part of the special counsel Robert Mueller's probe into Russian's interference in the 2016 presidential election.
  • Kristin M. Davis, 41, is notoriously known for running a high-end prostitution ring in the 2000s.
  • She is also a close friend of Roger Stone, a former Trump campaign adviser who has become a target of Mueller's investigation.
  • Davis went to prison for running a prostitution ring and selling drugs, and also ran for governor of New York.

New York's notorious "Manhattan Madam" has come back into the limelight.

Kristin Davis, 41, who was known for running a high-end prostitution ring in the 2000s, is being questioned as part of a probe into Russian's interference into the 2016 presidential election by the special counsel Robert Mueller.

Davis told The New York Times that she didn't know why she had been called in for questioning, but confirmed that the special counsel's office had contacted her asking where they can serve a subpoena.

The Washington Post reported that she is expecting to be asked about her close friend, Roger Stone, a former Trump campaign adviser who has become a subject in Mueller's investigation.

Here's everything we know about the Manhattan Madam:

Kristin Davis started her career working at a hedge fund.

She claimed that by the end of her stint, she was senior vice president of operations for a $2 billion (R27 billion) fund.

In her time working in finance, she said she was asked to book escorts for her bosses. It was from here that she decided to set up her own agency.

"I was working at my last hedge fund job when I began toying with the idea of opening an agency as a means of making additional income to help support my mother and her medical expenses,” she wrote in a blog post for XOJane in 2014. She set up and ran an escort agency for five years.

In 2008, Davis was arrested and accused of running a prostitute ring. She was sent to Rikers prison.

She claimed to have provided escorts to Eliot Spitzer, a former governor of New York. Spitzer denied he had contact with Davis, and her name didn't come up in the investigation into his conduct.

He resigned as governor that year after admitting that he had patronised a prostitution ring. She pleaded guilty to one count of prostitution.

After her stint in jail, Davis came back on the scene in 2010 to run for governor of New York as a protest candidate on a Libertarian platform, promoting the legalisation of prostitution, marijuana, and gay marriage.

She wrote in a 2014 blog post about where she first met Roger Stone, who worked as her campaign manager:

"He proposed I run for governor of New York.

"While I laughed at the idea because I'm actually mortified of speaking in public, he eventually talked me into it by convincing me I could advocate for some social issues I believe in: marriage equality, decriminalisation of prostitution and marijuana." She was not elected.

In 2013, she was back again running for city comptroller against Spitzer. But she had to withdraw from the race after being arrested and charged for selling ecstasy, Adderall, and Xabazm in August that year.

The prosecutors claimed that between 2009 and 2011, she bought these drugs from an FBI witness.

She pleaded guilty in March 2014.

This led to a two-year federal prison sentence; she was released from federal custody in May 2016.

Davis came back into the limelight this week because of her relationship with Roger Stone.

"Roger's one of my best friends," she told The Washington Post on Friday. "I have nothing bad to say about him."

Davis' Instagram documents photos of herself and Stone over the past few years.

Stone is even her young son's godfather.

Stone confirmed to CNN that Mueller’s interest in Davis is likely related to him.

"I cannot imagine anything other than that question," he told CNN on Friday. "She has been an associate of mine for over 10 years. She is someone I have great affection for."

In a statement to the press issued on Friday, Davis' publicist said: "Kristin Davis and Roger Stone are very good friends ... She is currently in the cosmetology business and she knows nothing whatsoever about Russian collusion with the 2016 election."

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