Vittoria Stabile was overcome with emotion when the whole crew and all the passengers onboard a flight she was working on got involved in her boyfriend's proposal.

  • An Italian man proposed to his flight-attendant girlfriend onboard an Emirates flight from Rome to Dubai.
  • He enlisted the help of the crew and passengers, who all had decorated the cabin.
  • She said yes and called it "the most wonderful day of my life."

A couple has melted hearts across the world after a video of their engagement went viral.

Italian couple Stefano Inve and Vittoria Stabile got engaged at 35,000 feet.

Stabile is a flight attendant for Emirates and thought she was working a normal shift as she boarded a flight from Rome to Dubai. Little did she know, it would turn out to be one of the most memorable flights of her life.

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Inve was onboard and had enlisted the help of not only the rest of the crew but also the passengers in his elaborate proposal, which was captured on multiple cameras and posted on Emirates' social-media channels.

Without Stabile knowing, the cabin had been decorated with hearts and streamers hanging from the ceiling.

When the flight attendant emerged from the galley, she was greeted by passengers giving her red roses, covering their faces with pictures of Inve's, and holding up hearts and messages.

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Stabile walked down the aisle struggling to hold back tears.

By the time she reached the next galley, she had a full bouquet of roses and found her boyfriend waiting for her.

Inve got down on one knee, popped the question, and Stabile said yes, with the crowd around her blowing bubbles and holding up "S" and "V" balloons.

Stefano Inve proposed to Stabile onboard an Emirates flight.

The groom-to-be slid a ring on his now fiancée's finger, and the whole plane erupted in applause.

The video of the engagement has had 550,000 views on Instagram, with many followers expressing their joy in response.

"Love is in the air," one person said.

"This is absolutely heartwarming," another said.

And the bride-to-be commented, "Thanks for sharing the most wonderful day of my life."

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