• One of the more eye-catching early Black Friday offers was a R399,999 bottle of whisky from Makro.
  • On Friday, Makro slashed another R25,000 from that price.
  • But it wasn't the only one more deeply discounting this particular 50-year-old – nor the cheapest.

When Makro revealed that it would be offering a saving of R149,001 on a bottle of whisky for Black Friday 2018, it drew our attention

Even when it turned out that Makro was being slightly dramatic with that claim, it still seemed to be offering a solid discount. The R149,001 number was based on Makro's claim that the normal price of a single bottle of 50-year-old Speyside whisky from The Glenlivet's Winchester Collection should cost R549,000.

As we discovered, that same whisky could actually be had for R429,000 – still a decent discount, but not quite so deep.

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But things changed on Friday, when Makro knocked another R25,000 from its price with a new offer.

Here is the original Makro offer earlier in the week, for easy comparison.

A Black Friday miracle!

On slightly closer investigation, though, we discovered that even at the new reduced price, you would still be paying R60,000 more than you need to, after a silent price war.

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This was the "ordinary" price against which we compared the Makro offer earlier this week: R429,000 from Bottleshop.

Bottleshop disagreed with Makro on the normal price for the whisky – by quite a large margin with its claim that it goes for R650,000 – but its ordinary discount was still easily outmatched by Makro's Black Friday sale.

After Makro dropped its price, we went back to check, and Bottleshop had significantly dropped its own price, now offering that bottle for R339,000.

We could not reach either merchant on Friday afternoon to determine if any 50-year-old The Glenlivet's Winchester had actually sold, but we do know one thing: if you bought it from Makro for R399,999 you were a fool for paying R60,999 more for a bottle of whisky than you needed to.

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