• The Canadian village of Lytton has been set ablaze following several days of record-breaking temperatures.
  • For the past three days, the thermometer has climbed to a staggering 49.4 degrees.
  • The town's mayor has issued an evacuation notice.
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The Canadian town of Lytton in British Columbia has been engulfed in flames after temperatures there soared to a record 49.4 degrees.

The town's mayor, Jan Polderman issued a town-wide evacuation order at 18:00 on June 30 urging residents to safely leave the village because a "fire event" is threatening the "building structures and safety of the residents within the municipality."

"It's dire -the whole town is on fire...It's bad, I've never seen anything like this," Polderman told CNBC journalist Meera Bains.

Images of the fire could be seen on weather radar.

On Tuesday, Lytton broke the record for the all-time highest temperatures in Canada for the third straight day.

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