EV startup Lucid's first car can travel 836km on a full battery - beating Tesla by 185km

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The Lucid Air.
  • Lucid Motors' first electric car can drive 836km on a full battery, the EPA said.
  • When the Air Dream Edition reaches customers, it will be the longest-range EV on the road.
  • The Tesla Model S has an EPA-rated range of 651km.
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When Lucid Motors' hotly anticipated first cars reach customers later this year, they'll become the longest-range electric vehicles on the road.

In fact, they'll be able to travel over 160km farther on a full battery than the next best electric vehicle.

The startup's debut sedan, the Air Dream Edition R, has earned a range rating of 836km from the Environmental Protection Agency. It's the longest range rating the agency has ever awarded.

Lucid's share price rose more than 4% following Thursday's news.

For context, the Tesla Model S has worn the range crown for years, and the latest version of the sedan has an EPA rating of 651km. The Lucid Air Dream Edition R beats Tesla's best model by a long shot, but it costs a lot more too. The Air Dream Edition costs around R2.4 million, while a Model S can be had for around R1.2 million.

Still, the Air's exceptional range rating bodes well for Lucid's future in the increasingly crowded EV market. Lucid, which is run by former Model S chief engineer Peter Rawlinson, is widely regarded as one of the most legitimate EV startups. The company went public through a reverse merger in July, well before delivering a single vehicle.

After some supply-chain-related production delays, Lucid says it is on track to deliver Lucid Air Dream Edition models to preorder holders in 2021. The car comes in a range-oriented trim (R) and a performance version (P). The EPA estimates that the Air Dream Edition P can travel 758km on a full charge.

A slew of EV startups are vying for a slice of the growing market for green vehicles, but Lucid and fellow California upstart Rivian are by far the furthest along in their efforts.

Lucid plans to follow up the Dream Edition with other more affordable Air models in the coming years. Rivian plans to start delivering its R1T pickup truck to customers in September, followed by an SUV later in the fall.

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