Eye-popping videos of SA wildlife - including a buffalo's lucky escape and a hippo clashing with a rhino

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Source Latest Sightings.
Source Latest Sightings.

Stuck in lockdown, but still hearing the call of the wild?

A number of South African game reserves now offer virtual safaris, including Shamwari Private Game Reserve, which will take you on a game drive. There are also livestream webcams available at the SanParks. 

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But for those who don't have the hours (or data) to wait for an impressive view  - we asked wildlife enthusiast Nadav Ossendryver to compile a list of the most spectacular recent South African wildlife videos. 

Ossendryver is the founder Latest Sightings, a website dedicated to bringing Africa's wildest moment to the world, and one of the most viewed South African YouTube channels, with 1.5 million subscribers. Visitors to South Africa's game reserves contribute their videos to his channel.

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Here's his list of recent favourites:

A hyena saving a warthog from a leopard 

A warthog almost ended up as a leopard snack, until a hyena gate-crashed the party.

A baboon grooming a lion cub

Troops of baboons have been known to kill young leopards and even a lion, but in this never-before-seen moment, a single male baboon stole a lion cub and started grooming it. 

A hippo tries to rescue a baby kudu 

The baby kudu unfortunately did not survive.

An elephant tramples a rhino and its baby 

An elephant turns on a rhino and her baby that are taking up space at the local waterhole. 

A leopard escapes pride of lions

A male leopard plays dead to escape, after being surrounded by a pride of lions.

A night-time tussle between a hippo and rhinos

This is what happens when two of Africa’s heavyweights go head-to-head. 

Half an impala tries to escape a hyena (warning: graphic content)

This video shows how determined impalas are to survive. (Warning:  graphic content.)

A wild dog plays dead to escape the jaws of a lion

A wild dog manages to escape the jaws of a lioness after playing dead.

A male lion rudely wakes up a female, only to get called out on it

A herd rescues a buffalo trapped between a pride of lions and a dam filled with crocodiles.

An old buffalo bull was caught between a pride of lions and a dam filled with crocodiles, his herd came to the rescue.

An eagle catches and fights baby warthog. (Warning: graphic content)

A martial eagle swoops in to grab a warthog piglet. Warning graphic content. 

Compiled by Jay Caboz

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