Lost and Hound
Lost and Hound
  • The new Lost and Hound app helps pet owners in tracing their missing pets.
  • The creator hopes a focussed service – rather than posts on community Whatsapp and Facebook groups – will get lost animals home faster.
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Lost and Hound is a new South African app that aims to help reunite pet owners with missing pets.

"It addresses the problem we've all seen where a community Whatsapp or Facebook group becomes flooded with messages about lost and found pets," says Ed Wrede, managing director of Empire State Software and Development.

"The community groups are typically created for discussing security and general neighbourhood concerns."

That means that in bigger groups particularly, lost-and-found messages about pets can go unseen, while a dedicated app intended to help strangers that find roaming animals track down the owners may have a better chance.

Users – including vets, animal welfare groups, or do-gooders who drive past a lost dog – all register on the app using an email addresses or Facebook account.

Lost and Hound
Lost and Hound

Those who find lost animals are asked to upload a photo, and a detailed description – hopefully to be seen by the owner.

"Once the pet owner identifies their animal, they are encouraged  to arrange a meeting with the person found their pet via the app's in-message platform," says Wrede.

"For the safety of all involved, we encourage users to meet in a public space."

Owners are also encouraged to bring sufficient proof before the lost pet can be handed over.

The app can be used nationwide, is free to use, and is available on Google's Play store as well the Apple iStore.

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