(Chicken Licken)
  • A hilarious Chicken Licken ad has scooped the prize for best TV ad (longer than 90 seconds) at the 2018 Loeries awards.
  • It features a robot called 'Sbu' created entirely from CGI technology in South Africa.

Some 287 prizes were awarded across 14 various categories at the Loeries brand communication awards this past weekend in Durban. The event, now in its fortieth year, is the biggest gathering of creatives in Africa and the Middle East.

One of the most coveted awards is for the best TV and cinema advert (longer than 90 seconds), which this year was scooped by Joe Public United for their innovative Sbu 2.0 campaign.

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The agency tells Business Insider SA that the idea for Sbu 2.0 was hatched "when the team looked at the extreme lengths someone would go to in order to satisfy their [Chicken Licken hot wings] craving and added the current zeitgeist around artificial intelligence and the effects it is having on the world."

(Chicken Licken)

The robot was created entirely with computer-generated imagery (CGI) in a collaboration between three of Joe Public's suppliers: Chocolate Tribe, Bladeworks, and Romance Films.

"We spent a lot of time playing with ideas on how to make the body look believable, like someone actually created this from household items, as opposed to some high tech solution," says Rob van den Bragt, VFX Supervisor at Chocolate Tribe.

"We added wear and tear and so much detail, that many people still think that the torso was an actual prop on-set. Little do they know that this was all created in the computer."

Before (top) and after (bottom) CGI technology is applied to create Sbu, the robot. (YouTube)

The Chocolate Tribe was tasked with putting together Sbu the robot's torso and arms. The actor Mothus Magano had to wear a green spandex outfit to allow the team to transform the body parts into robotic ones post-production using CGI technology.

Mothusi Magano (Sbu), wearing a spandex outfit, which was then replaced with an intricate 3D computer created mechanical torso — post-production. (YouTube)

Sbu's mechanical torso features CGI recreations of junk from the garage: a metronome for his heart, a tape recorder for his voice, gears for his digestive system, electric timers for his sleep mode, circuit boards for the nervous system and wires and chips for the brain, to name a few.

Sbu, the robot's torso. (Chicken Licken)


The Sbu 2.0 campaign also won Loeries in both the VFX and animation categories while Joe Public also scooped the coveted agency of year award.

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