Tshidi Morabi, LocTransie
Tshidi Morabi, a mother of two, founded the LocTransie app after struggling to locate on of her children after school came out early
  • LocTransie helps parents keep track of their children's movements to and from school, in real-time.
  • The app is the brainchild of businesswoman Tshidi Morabi.
  • The free to use app – for parents – was founded in July and works in partnership with schools, drivers and parents.
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LocTransie is a free to use app that allows parents to track their children in real-time as they commute to and from school using scholar transport.

The app works in partnership with schools, drivers and parents. LocTransie gets its name from the word "locate" and the township slang word for transport, "transie".

LocTransie is the brainchild of businesswoman, Tshidi Morabi. Morabi was inspired after a frantic attempt to find her child after school one day as a result of a mix-up with school transport.

"We are career women and busy parents who need to know where our children are at all times," she says. "We need surety to know that our children have been picked up from home and dropped off at school and vice versa while we are at work."

"Parents get peace of mind in the event that the scholar transport owner has multiple vehicles and drivers," says Morabi. "Should the drivers want to swap children because a driver wants to change their route, parents are able to keep track of that."

How it works:

Parents  must register their children as well as the email address of the transport owner. Should the owner have multiple vehicles transporting children, this must be added onto their app also.

Once registered, the driver(s) will have a list of all children using the transport, whose parents use the app.

Drivers must acknowledge receipt of the scholar(s) once they enter or depart from a vehicle. 

"At any given point, the child must get in and out of the transport; and there must be accountability from the driver when this happens."

Morabi, a mother of two children, aged 13 and 8 years old, hails from Tembisa in Johannesburg's East Rand. She founded her business Ginini Consulting, which provides training and software assistance, in 2014.

LocTransie is Ginini's first app and launched at the beginning of July. It currently has up to 51 scholar drivers, 130 parents and 18 school admins in Johannesburg.

Apart from helping parents keep track of their children, it also helps parents find scholar transport in their immediate area, driving on their desired route.

The app is free to download and use on Apple iStore and Android's Play store. However, drivers who want to be placed on the app's data base as available drivers in an area pay a monthly R149 fee.

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