South Africans living in the dark turned to social media this week to share their survival tips, as well as their nightmare visions of intensified stages of loadshedding.

South Africa has entered its seventh consecutive day of stage 4 loadshedding on Wednesday, with up to 20% of the country left without electricity at a time.

Eskom confirmed on Tuesday that loadshedding stages 5 to 8 are on the cards as a “contingency measure” to avoid a national blackout.

What additional load shedding stages will look like 

Here are some of the loadshedding survival tips on offer:

Buy "prepaid electricity"

 Take the Birdbox challenge 

Use a cellphone light in the toilet  

Bring flash lights to work


Have boiling water ready

Charge your cellphone wherever possible

Preventative ironing

Try to make the best of the situation 

See it as a business opportunity


And if all else fails, try magic. 

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