Load shedding essentials
  • South African retailers spotted the load shedding gap and started offering discounts on "essentials" for backup power, light, and cooking.
  • As usual, not all deals were created equal.
  • We rounded up some of the prices on identical hardware you need to survive load shedding.
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South African stores have ramped up on load shedding "essentials" – and several retailers are advertising discounts and specials on everything from small items like power banks, solar powered garden lights, and torches, to big-ticket buys such like gas braais, universal power supplies, and generators. 

The prices of some items are very closely matched across all retailers - and shopping around might only save you a few rands. But other items - like empty gas canisters - can vary by as much as 27%, while one surge protecter is 43% more expensive at Dion Wired than at Hirsch's.

And to confuse matters even more, some stores are offering great deals on one item, and then increasing prices on other related products. 

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This loss leader strategy is common during sale periods like Black Friday. Don’t assume that because one store is selling a gas stove at a great price, that the canister sitting next to it is a good deal too.

A savvy and disciplined shopper can purchase these loss leaders and save a few rands, though - but it’ll also mean they might have to shop at multiple stores to get the best deals.

We compared a few of the most popular items being sold in load-shedding sections across South Africa - here’s what we found.

We list the best deal we can find, but can't promise there isn't better out there. Retailers may change prices without notice, or apply dynamic pricing which means you will be offered a different price. Prices are as listed, without taking into account any loyalty schemes or delivery charges.


Ryobi 650W Petrol Generator


Game: R1,999

Loot: R2,050

Russells: R2,199

Chamberlain: R2,349

Builders: R2,350 (as priced on 11 December, currently not available online)

Makro: R2,399

Battery-operated lights

Magneto Rechargeable LED Lantern


Makro: R189

Game: R199

Builders: R199

Pick n Pay: R199

Hi-Fi Corp: R219.90

Tevo: R219.95

Energizer Vision Headlight 100 Lumens


Builders: R100

Sportsmans Warehouse: R139.90

Clicks: R149

Cape Union Mart: R150

Kroma Aluminium Led Camping Light & Torch


Takealot: R129

Camp and Climb: R129

Stingray: R175


Weber 57cm Compact Kettle Braai

Webber braai

Takealot: R1,687

Makro: R1,699

Builders: R1,790

Loot: R1,999

Weber: R2,199

Alva Stove 2 Plate Gas Stove

Alva stove

Kloppers: R299

Builders: R349

Chamberlain: R359

Game: R399

Cadac - 2 Plate Stainless Steel Stove

Cadac stove

Makro: R449

Builders: R495

Game: R499

Takealot: R549

Cadac 9kg gas canister (excluding gas)

Cadac gas

Takealot: R579

Makro: R649

Builders: R695

Game: R699

Kloppers: R699

GasExtreme: R789

Alva 9kg gas canister (excluding gas)

Alva gas

Kloppers: R549

Takealot: R579

Makro: R649

Builders: R650

House and Home: R699

Game: R749

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Mecer 1000VA Line Interactive UPS


First Shop: R1,099

Geewiz: R1,151

Mecer: R1,177.60

Takealot: R1,199

Chaos Computers: R1,299

Power Banks

Romoss Polymos 20 Air Power Bank

Power bank

Takealot: R399

Loot: R492

Wootware: R499

Makro: R639

Surge Protectors

Ellies Surge Protector

Surge protector

Takealot: R179 

OK Furniture: R199.99

Builders: R200

HiFi Corp: R229.90

Bradlows: R249.95

Hirsch’s: R249.99

Ellies Surge 12 Way Wonder Protect

12 Way

OK Furniture: R299

House and Home: R299.99

Game: R329

Hirsch’s: R349.99

HiFi Corp: R359.90

Dion Wired: R429

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