We visited a new high-tech, R300-a-visit clinic – and it’s a great way to get a quick sick note

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Life clinic welcome
  • The Life Health group says its pilot walk-in clinic in Johannesburg represents the future of primary healthcare.
  • We visited the R300-a-visit, 25-minute turnaround centre, and found a high-tech assembly line replacement for a GP's practise.
  • If you need a sick note or simple treatment without fuss, it's a fast and cheap option.

In late November hospital group Life Healtcare quietly launched what it calls "the future of primary healthcare" at a pilot site in Auckland Park, Johannesburg.

The promise: for R300 in cash – or R150 during promotional hours – you can walk in without an appointment and be on your way again (possibly with medicine in hand) in 25 minutes flat.

What we found was a small clinic that looks from the outside like a boutique technology shop, but is actually a high-tech version of a general practitioner's surgery, reimagined as an assembly line.

But rather than being impersonal, the system had a reassuring professionalism about it, and exactly the kind of efficiency you want in some situations. Most notably: when you want to get a sick note quickly and get back into bed, or when you have a simple ailment.

Here is what we found when we visited the MyLife Healthcare Centre pilot site in Johannesburg.

The high-tech part starts with a receptionist that recognises your face the second time you visit.

Mylife screens

There are humans hanging around, but checking in is self-service. Once you are registered you can, we are told, just walk in and show your face to the camera. There are no queues and no ticketing system; nurses just come and collect the next person in line armed with a photo.

Registration is painless – and you don't need to be there 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork. 

Life healthcare ID

Signing up consists of a couple of screens of questions that capture ID number, cellphone number, and a basic medical history.

Life questions

In return you get a confirmation SMS.

Life SMS

Visits are cheap – but strictly cash-only for now.

Life medical aid

You can pay in cash, or you can pay by credit card, but you need to pay – there is no claiming from a medical aid for now.

A standard medical exam, with basic medicine such as paracetamol, is R300 all-inclusive, with higher rates depending on the treatment required. That is also what you will pay for the consultation required to be booked off work, or for a routine checkup.

During "healthy hour" (actually two hours, noon to 1PM and 4PM to 5PM every day), that consultation is half price, at R150.

A family-planning consultation, which includes an injectable contraceptive, is a standard R200.

The list of conditions the clinic can help with is very much day-to-day.

Life ailments

Management of complex, ongoing issues is not on the menu. Instead the Life centre offers quick-turnaround treatment for relatively minor aches and pains and infections, and monitoring of chronic conditions.

What it does offer is what may be the quickest referrals in the business. If x-rays or other imaging is required, the clinic can refer those with the means to pay straight to the Life Brenthurst Clinic a short distance away, and the clinic will draw blood for any required blood test.

(Depending on your medical aid plan and GP, it could even be cheaper to pay the full price of the Life fee for a referral to a specialist than to go to a covered GP, and paying in the portion of the visit not covered by medical aid.)

The first stop is a 'vitals pod', for basic measurements.

Life clinic scale

Our waiting time at mid-morning was effectively zero, so we were collected and ushered to the "vitals pod" before we could even try out the waiting area for comfort.

The pod is exactly what it sounds like: a small room with a bunch of measuring equipment for vital signs (including a cool combination scale that taps you on the top of your head to measure height), where a friendly nurse also asks what, if anything, is the matter.

Life health laptop

The measurements are pretty standard, if a slightly higher technology level than is typical in doctor's rooms.

Life pulse

There is one big difference from a regular GP's office: the big screen with data that follows you around.

Life vitals

Facing your chair in the vitals pod is a screen with all your details, updated as measurements are taken. You watch, in real time, as your blood pressure and heart rate numbers are added to your file. 

You can also watch all comments going in too, as they are typed. The staff tell us that means people correct their spelling on the fly – but it also provides an unusual sense of inclusion and control. Instead of a nurse or doctor punching things you never see into a machine you don't understand, you get the sense you are dealing with a service provider capturing your details on your behalf.

From the vitals pod you move through to another waiting room – not that we waited there either.

Life waiting

The centre is laid out on the basis that you don't move back to a waiting room, only forward and through the system, hence the two different waiting areas. 

Next is the consultation room, which is again exactly what it sounds like.

Life consultation room

Where the vitals pod is set up to capture data, the consultation room is set up for a full examination. It includes all the usual tools of the trade...

Life tools

... and it is where the finger-prick blood tests are conducted by the nurse practitioner.

Blood test

The vital-statistics screen follows you into the consultation room, and the senior nurse further updates the file with findings from the examination, again in full, real-time view.

If you are in rude health, or just need a sick note, that senior nurse is the final formal step, but staff tell us the doctor on duty tends to pop in at the end of consultations anyway for a quick chat. Otherwise the doctor gets involved if there is a complex problem, or something requiring complex medication.

While on-site supplies are limited, the clinic issue prescriptions that can be fulfilled by the Clicks pharmacy in the same mall. 

To complete the retail-type experience, there is an exit questionnaire as the last stop.

Life rating

The promise is 30 minutes from start to finish, and the goal is 25-minute average consultations, clinic staff tell us – but currently visits are averaging slightly more than that. It really depends on how much you have to say, and how much you like talking about your symptoms. If you just need a checkup and some friendly advice ("watch those fatty foods" in our case), the entire visit can be just 15 minutes.

You can watch Life Healthcare's promotional video for the pilot centre below.

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