The LG Q7 (James de Villiers, Business Insider South Africa)

LG’s new Q7 is no iPhone killer, and – unlike Nokia’s 8 Sirocco – it’s not trying to be. 

The Q7 is an unashamedly mid-level budget phone offering solid performance and value for money for its R6,000 price point

With a 3GB RAM (the same as the iPhone X), 32GB memory and a 3,000mAh battery, the Q7 promises to easily take you through your day – but don’t expect to do any heavy gaming on it. 

After using the LG Q7 for a week, here are three things we loved, and three things we hated. 

We loved: solid camera 

An example of a photo taken from the LG Q7 (Jams de Villiers, Business Insider South Africa)

For its R6,000 price tag, the Q7’s 13MP camera offered surprising quality, with good colour contrast and pixel density. It is almost on par with Nokia’s 8 Sirocco (which costs nearly twice as much) but lacks the camera settings and options the Nokia offers. The camera did, however, struggle to quickly focus, and low-light photos failed to impress. 

We hated: gimmicky and buggy interface 

By far the most frustrating thing in using the Q7 was the gimmicky interface, which frequently offered unwanted tips or blocked essential functions. Using direct messaging on the Instagram account, for example, the Q7’s keyboard would block the typing space, making it impossible for you to see what you are typing. 

The qwerty keyboard covering the type pad on Instagram (screenshot)

We loved: that it's fairly waterproof 

The Q7 is one of the few phones that offers IP68 water and dust resistance, which means it can be submerged up to a maximum 1.5m underwater for up to thirty minutes. 

We hated: selfie camera  

An example of a selfie taken on the LG Q7 (James de Villiers, Business Insider South Africa)

LG’s built-in selfie camera over "beautifies" selfie photos. This mean faces came out unnaturally smooth and bright. 

We loved: fast charging 

The LG Q7 promised to charge half of your battery within 30 minutes, and during our testing it outperformed itself. The battery itself easily lasted for two days during average use, which means a dead battery is never a real concern. 

We hated: the build quality

The LG Q7 (Jay Caboz, Business Insider South Africa)

The LG Q7 doesn’t feel like a solid phone when held in your hand: it felt flimsy, easily breakable, and simply too light. The plastic back and glass front easily attract scratch marks, leaving the phone looking worn-out after a few days of use. The 5.5-inch display also felt too small for 2018. 

Verdict: Good– but not P20 Lite good. 

The LG Q7 is a solid phone for its price point, and is arguably one of the best mid-range phones currently available in South Africa. Huawei’s P20 Lite, at R5,499, however, is easily a better value-for-money option, with a faster processor, more memory and, new features such as "face unlock" for a cheaper price. 

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