All the new rules for weddings – and brides must wear masks

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  • New regulations that govern weddings and other functions have been gazetted.
  • Only 50 people are allowed to attend a marriage ceremony.
  • Everyone needs to wear a mask, unless they are eating or drinking, and that includes the bride.
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Under level 2 of lockdown, weddings and other public functions, including exhibitions, are now permitted.

On Tuesday, new regulations for these events were gazetted, confirming that only 50 people are allowed to attend any event, including marriages and wedding celebrations.

All attendees – which would include the couple who tie the knot – have to wear masks at all times, unless they are eating or drinking.

There is no relaxation of the mask rule to enable couples to kiss at the end of a wedding ceremony.

The regulations also require that the wedding or function organiser, and the owner or manager of the venue must ensure physical distancing of at least one and a half metres between guests.

They must ensure that stations are set up at entrances to screen and sanitise people and to stop those who are not wearing a mask from entering.

Microphones and podiums must be sanitised after use by every person.

The regulations also included new rules for "places of attractions".

Those with water activities may allow visitors into the water without masks (if it creates "a safety risk"), provided that guests can stay one and a half metres apart in the water.

Any enclosed or confined space, such as cable cars and escape rooms, must make "markings on the floor to facilitate compliance with physical distancing measures".

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