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These are the least expensive private schools that deliver top results

James de Villiers , Business Insider SA
 Jan 09, 2020, 02:26 PM
(supplied, Helpmekaar Kollege)
(supplied, Helpmekaar Kollege)
  • Two relatively ‘cheap’ private schools were among the top-performing private schools in South Africa. 
  • Their school fees are roughly R80,000, compared to the average fee of R130,722 for the top-performing schools in the country. 
  • Both schools were also among the top-performing schools in 2018 too. 
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Two relatively ‘cheap’ private schools have been ranked among the best private schools in South Africa - charging roughly half in school fees compared to its expensive peers

The Independent Examinations Board (IEB) this past week released a list of the 81 top matriculants for 2019, who ranked among the top 5% in five subjects. 

The students also achieved a rating level of 7 in Life Orientation in the IEB examinations.

The IEB is the examination agency for South Africa's private schools. 

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A Business Insider South Africa comparison found that 19 private schools had two or more top-performing pupils in that list of top performers. 

However, the top list is not corrected for school or class sizes, and schools with very large intakes have a statistically improved chance of producing multiple top matrics.

The average school fees at the 19 top-performing schools are R130,722.35 a year, compared to an average top-performing school fee of R118,057 in 2019.  

King David High School Linksfield, which ranks as the eighth-most expensive day school in the country, produced six top matriculants - the most in the country. The fees for matriculants comes in at R149,640 a year. 

Midstream College - the cheapest private school included on the list - was the second-best performing school, producing five of the country’s top matriculants. School fees at Midstream College are R70,900 a year for matriculants. 

Helpmekaar College in Johannesburg was the second cheapest school included on the list, and the thirteenth top-performing school, producing two of the top matriculants in the country. 

School fees for matriculants at Helpmekaar College are R82,500 a year. 

Both Midstream and Helpmekaar were included in the list of top-performing IEB schools in 2018 as well.

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