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school of it
School of IT offers a unique solution for upskilling in the world of tech. (Image: Supplied)
School of IT.

With the pandamic of covid-19 and the ever changing lockdown levels, now is better than ever to work from home or create businesses online to generate sustainable income.

School of IT, an Edtech startup has viable coding courses that accelerate your career in the world of Tech.

In this day and age, everything we do involves technology. Knowing how to code is an essential and high in demand skill to have.

Steve Jobs - "I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer, should learn a computer language, because it teaches you how to think."

School of IT is a first of it's kind as they offer a unique solution to either switch careers or upskill in the world of tech. They essentially fit into your schedule - meaning your day to day life doesn't get interrupted.You can work full day and still study. At a convential colleges, if you miss a class, you miss a lesson. Besides flexible schedules and starting anytime, anywhere, you can get internationally accredited and recognized in under 3 months! You can go from an accountant to a data scientist and yet still work in an accounting firm. 

The traditional route (University route) is normally a study period of 3 to 4 years which earns one a computer science degree. The issue is the time to acquire this degree (3-4 years) and the cost of roughly R44000 per annum. School of IT offers courses that can be completed in 3 to 6 months and start at R10900. We offer the additional option to get internationally accredited and recognized, which kickstarts your chances of finding a job in the industry and thus gives you the opportunity to start a fulfilling career in tech. The list of courses offered by School of IT includes coding bootcamps, Data Science, Software Development, AWS, Web Design, Full Stack Web Development, AutoCad and many more!

In a 2014 interview, Elon Musk said he looked for "evidence of exceptional ability" in a potential employee, rather than a degree from a prestigious university.

We list the 10 things that make School of IT shine from the rest:

  1. 2x Internationally award-winning (Best Online Coding Bootcamp winner 2020 & Best Online Coding Bootcamp winner 2021).
  1. Get Internationally accredited and recognized in under 3-6 months.
  1. Courses are available anytime. This means you can commence a course when you want.
  1. We fit into your schedule – this means once you register, your own personal mentor contacts you within 2 working days and arranges times and dates that fit into your schedule!
  1. You get assigned your own personal mentor – he/she only teaches you at that time.
  1. We are practical – this means you build practical examples directly with your personal mentor and on you own. Thus you have a workable portfolio for the job market.
  1. You don’t lose you hours like conventional training institutions. This means you will always have your hours and can cancel a lesson or postpone it.
  1. We assist you in getting an industry related job.
  1. We are Microsoft certified professionals, Adobe certified experts and recognized by employers in the IT industry.
  1. The only training provider  to provide 3 training options – 1 on 1 Online with a real mentor (no videos), Our venues, and the option where we come to you, your premises to teach you!

Want to join the every growing tech industry and get internationally accredited and recognized in under 3-6 months? – Join School of IT today

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