• Lamborghini announced on Monday that buyers can now customise their new cars through virtual consultations, rather than flying out to the company's headquarters in Italy.
  • To promote the new service, Lamborghini launched a limited run of 10 Aventador SVJ Xago models.
  • The Xago-edition Aventadors come with special hexagonal patterns inside and out, and customers are required to personalise them via the new virtual option.
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In this new normal we're living in, everything from doctor visits to social gatherings has moved to the web. But there's one glaring gap in our new online life that's been especially tough to grapple with. For the longest time, one couldn't order a custom Lamborghini virtually - until now, that is.

On Monday, Lamborghini announced that clients will now be able to customise their new cars through video-chat consultations. To celebrate the new online service, the brand launched a limited run of 10 Aventador SVJ Xago Edition models, buyers of which are required to personalise their car virtually.

If you ask me, there's no replacement for flying out to Lamborghini's headquarters in Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy, meeting with the Ad Personam design team, and speccing out a new Aventador in person. But we all have to make sacrifices in these trying times.

You may not be able to swing a custom, one-of-10 Lambo yourself, but you can learn a bit more about the limited-edition car and the design process below.

As the world moves online, Lamborghini has a new offering: Buyers will now be able to customise their new cars through virtual consultations, rather than visiting Lambo's headquarters in Italy.

To promote the online version of the company's Ad Personam customisation studio, Lamborghini announced a limited run of Aventador SVJ Xago Edition models reserved for clients who spec their car virtually.

The Xago Edition has fading hexagonal patterns running down its sides ...

... and matching detailing on the seats.

According to Lamborghini, the polygonal design elements are "inspired by the hexagon cloud shapes at the North Pole on the planet Saturn and the strength of the hexagon in nature."

The wheels are finished in a glossy black ...

... and buyers can choose a contrasting accent colour. In this case, it's blue.

Lest buyers forget just how special their Xago truly is, each car will come with a numbered plaque.

To personalize their car, clients will first book a two-hour video consultation with specialists at Lamborghini's Ad Personam studio.

With the chosen Lamborghini model in studio, Lamborghini's personalization specialists will walk customers through potential designs and suggest configuration options.

The Ad Personam team will use smartphones to show clients details and display the car from different angles.

Afterward, the client receives a full design proposal, renderings, and material samples so they can make the final decision.

A Lamborghini Aventador SVJ will already run you more than more than R8 million, so it's safe to say these highly customised versions will cost much more than that.