Kitty Spencer
Lady Kitty Spencer is Princess Diana's 29-year-old niece.

  • Lady Kitty Spencer is Princess Diana's 29-year-old niece, which also makes her a first cousin of Prince Harry and Prince William.
  • She got engaged to Michael Lewis, a 60-year-old, South African-born magnate, before Christmas in 2019, the Mirror reported.
  • Lady Spencer has been photographed wearing what appears to be her engagement ring.
  • Insider spoke with jewellers and engagement ring experts, who said Lady Kitty Spencer's eternity-style band could cost anywhere from around R1 million to R2.3 million – , depending on the weights of each diamond.
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Lady Kitty Spencer, the niece of Princess Diana and the first cousin of Princes William and Harry, recently got engaged to a 60-year-old South African born fashion mogul and millionaire, Michael Lewis.

Lewis reportedly proposed to Lady Spencer before Christmas, according to the Mirror.

He is the chairperson of Foschini, and a scion of the family behind the Lewis furniture group.

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Lady Spencer has been photographed wearing what appears to be her engagement ring, according to an article published on Monday in the Daily Mail, which included paparazzi photos of the 29-year-old model and her fiancée reportedly spending time together in Cape Town.

Insider spoke with engagement ring experts to learn about the style of Lady Spencer's ring, as well as what the diamond-clad piece of jewellery may have cost.

A professional jeweler estimated that Lady Spencer's engagement ring could be worth up to R2.3 million

Eddie LeVian, CEO of New York City-based jewelry company Le Vian, told Insider in a statement via email that he estimated Lady Spencer's engagement ring could be worth approximately $160,000, around R2.3 million.

"I estimate that the eternity-style ring Lady Kitty Spencer has been spotted wearing weighs a total of seven carats, although it's difficult to tell the exact weight of each diamond based on the photographs," LeVian added.

Lady Kitty Spencer is a model and muse for Dolce & Gabbana.
Andrea Rentz/Getty

Her eternity band appears to feature 18 emerald-cut diamonds, another expert told Insider

Benjamin Khordipour from New York City-based Estate Diamond Jewelry told Insider that he predicted Lady Spencer's ring could cost anywhere from $55,000 to $65,000, o around R1 million.

Khordipour said that her ring, a diamond eternity band, appears to feature approximately 18 emerald-cut diamonds, which are set in a half-bezel style and a platinum mounting.

"The platinum bezel follows the edges of the elongated, emerald-cut diamonds, which give it a very geometrical appearance," Khordipour said of the ring Lady Spencer has been pictured wearing.

He estimated that the size of each diamond looks like it could measure around 0.60 carats each.

An example of the eternity ring style, which has diamonds all around the band. (Not pictured: The exact ring of Lady Kitty Spencer.)
James Allen

Experts predict that geometric ring styles like Lady Spencer's diamond band will be a big trend this year

"Emerald cuts are very much in style right now," Denis Stepansky, founder and owner of New York City-based jewelry store, told Insider. "People love how the angles of the cut are sharp and highly reflective. They really give the stone a pure feeling."

The emerald-cut diamond shape can be traced back to the 16th century, when stonecutters created the shape specifically for emerald stones, Stepansky told Insider.

During the Art Deco period, diamonds shaped in the emerald cut became a popular jewellery style, according to Estate Diamond Jewelry. Wedding trend experts say that geometric-shaped gems and diamonds, similar to those featured on Lady Spencer's ring, will continue to be popular choices for engagement rings this year.

"Geometric shapes and minimalistic designs are becoming increasingly popular because of their versatility," celebrity ring designer Neil Lane previously told Insider reporter Samantha Grindell.

Lane added: "They're ideal for modern women seeking style and elegance that translates from day to night."

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