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It seems some people really do get to enjoy a free lunch. Or do they really?
  • Los Angeles will begin publishing a list of restaurants with at least one confirmed coronavirus case starting "later this week," according to Dr. Barbara Ferrer, director of the LA Country Department of Public Health.
  • The Department of Health has already been sharing online updates of public institutions with outbreaks, including retirement homes, jails and prisons, and homeless shelters.
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Los Angeles will soon begin sharing a real-time list of restaurants with confirmed coronavirus cases as part of an increased push for transparency around the outbreak.

The list will be maintained on the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health's official website, which has already been sharing public institutions with at least one confirmed case, including retirement homes, jails and prisons, and homeless shelters, the Los Angeles Times reported. Though restaurants are temporarily closed around the city, many are still open for takeout and delivery.

Speaking in a news conference on Tuesday, Dr. Barbara Ferrer, director of the LA Country Department of Public Health, said the list will be made public "later this week." She did not disclose specifics around what constitutes a confirmed case and how long a restaurant would remain on the organisation's website.

The announcement comes in tandem with a research report published on Wednesday that found several people dining in the same restaurant in China were likely infected due to an air-conditioner in the building. The findings add to the growing list of precautions experts say restaurants will need to take to reopen their dining rooms, including decreasing capacity, removing tables or blocking off every other seat, limiting time inside, and requiring employees to wear masks and gloves.

Further, the decision in LA may prompt cities of similar size and population density like New York City and Chicago to follow suit as local officials mull over what steps they need to take in order to safely reopen public establishments.

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