KFC gives you wings? Chicken chain 'borrows' other slogans as fingers still shouldn't be licked

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KFC's new social media campaign "steals" other slogans.
  • KFC is currently without a slogan - amid concerns about licking fingers during the pandemic. 
  • This week, the local group's social media account has, instead,  been "borrowing" slogans from other brands. 
  • Red Bull, Castle Lager, MTN, Vodacom and Simba have all been targeted.
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South Africa’s biggest fast-food franchise, KFC, is having some fun on social media, “borrowing” other brands’ slogans as its own pay-off line - "It's Finger Licken' Good" – remains suspended during the pandemic.

In August last year, the global group “paused” the use of its slogan, as public health authorities across the world warned people against touching their eyes, nose and mouth to prevent Covid-19 infection.

At the time, KFC said "right now, our slogan doesn’t feel quite right", and that it finds itself in the position of "having an iconic slogan that doesn’t quite fit in the current environment" – without using the words "pandemic", "coronavirus", or "Covid-19".

Months before the decision, local competitor Nando’s reminded KFC that "finger licking isn’t good", and recommended using soap instead. 

Now, KFC is doing its own social media stirring, by trying on competitors’ slogans for size.

It started on Tuesday, when KFC appropriated the energy drink Red Bull's iconic slogan:

Red Bull responded:

It then moved on to Castle Lager:

And by Thursday, started taking follower requests, creating a new post with the MTN slogan:

KFC also engaged with Vodacom along the way:

By Friday, it was roaring with flavour: 

KFC in Canada seemed to follow South Africa's lead, and late this week also started stealing other slogans:

A KFC spokesperson told Business Insider that the slogan-related banter "has been fun for both of us and our consumers", stressing that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery".

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