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It is the final straw for KFC who will be phasing out plastic straws as of the beginning of July
  • KFC South Africa says it will replace all plastic straws at all its stores with paper straws by the beginning of July. 
  • The fast-food giant hopes to have phased out all plastic from its outlets by 2025.
  • The chicken chain joins South African restaurant Wimpy and Steers, which started phasing out plastic straws last year.
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Plastic straws will soon disappear at over 900 KFC outlets across South Africa – but could take years for the chain to finally phase out plastic.

The food giant announced it will have only paper straws available by 1 July, with an estimated impact of 60 million straws per year.

"It takes 200 years for a single plastic straw to decompose," the company said in a statement.

"As one of South Africa's most loved brands, we know that we need to contribute to the environment in which we do business and use our scale to drive real impact."

KFC, globally, has committed to removing all non-recoverable or reusable plastic-based packaging from its stores by 2025. 

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Having started with straws, it is now identifying sustainable packaging alternatives for a number of other plastic item, KFC SA said.

KFC joins other local fast-food outlets and restaurants that have phased out or started reducing the usage of plastic in favour of paper straws. Nando's urges customers to only use straws when they absolutely have to, and they are then offered paper straws. Famous Brands has also done away with plastic stores for its restaurants which include, Steers, Wimpy and Fishaways.

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