KFC's Hot Zinger Wings (Screenshot, KFC)
  • SA's advertising authority has ruled a reasonable person would know KFC's chicken wings are actually separated limbs of two chicken wings.
  • A consumer complained that KFC's advertising was misleading, and misrepresented their product – by half.
  • But KFC said the way it advertises "winglets" is the industry norm.

A "reasonable person" would know KFC’s "four hot Zinger Wings" are actually the separated limbs of two chicken wings, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled on Wednesday.

This follows a complaint by a consumer who believed KFC’s description of "4 hot Zinger Wings" was misleading because it was, in fact, two wings that were each cut in half. What KFC should be advertising, the complainant said, is just "2 Zinger Wings". 

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KFC South Africa argued that it never had the intention to misrepresent its products, and that it was following the norm in its industry. Examples include Chicken Licken’s Hot Wings, Hungry Lion’s Zamba Wings, Spur’s Buffalo wings, and Burger King’s Chicken Wings.

KFC also submitted that its advertising clearly shows that the Zinger wings are four individual chicken pieces. 

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The ASA dismissed the complaint, saying the advertising by KFC clearly shows it is selling half wings. 

In addition, the ASA said the description immediately below the words "4 Hot Zinger Wings” clarifies that the wings are actually "winglets” and not full wings. 

“The hypothetical reasonable person viewing the advertisement would not be misled into thinking that he/she is getting full wings when the illustration and the descriptor all point to the fact that it is half wings,” the organisation ruled. 

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