Kauai has a new subscription for its coffees and smoothies.
  • If you actually drink every coffee available on Kauai's new subscription service, you could pay as little as R1.25 for each cup.
  • That's for an organic brew.
  • The health-food restaurant chain this week introduced a R299 monthly subscription that offers a theoretical 240 cups of coffee, if you drink the maximum of one every two hours.
  • Its smoothies now also come with 15-day and 30-day subscriptions, at R199 and R375 respectively. Those are redeemable daily. 
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Health-food restaurant chain Kauai now sells its coffees and smoothies on a monthly subscription basis, which could – in theory – see you pay as little as R1.25 for a single cup of coffee – but you’ll have to go back every two hours.

At R299, the coffee subscription allows you to get up to 240 cups of coffee delivered to you over a period of 30 days.

Dean Kowarski, CEO of Real Foods, Kauai’s parent company said it was the first restaurant subscription in South Africa, and "one of only a handful offering this type of subscription programme worldwide."

For its smoothies, Kauai also launched a 15-day subscription for one small daily smoothie, at a cost of R199, and another option over 30 days for R375.

That comes to between R12.5 and R13.27 per smoothie, if you redeem every day, 

The subscriptions are available across all of Kauai’s stores nationwide, and they can also be purchased on chain's own app.

Drinks can be collected in store, or delivered.

Kowarski said a subscription service both creates recurring revenue and builds loyalty. 

“We anticipate new customer acquisition to be fuelled by subscriptions,” he said.

(Compiled by Ntando Thukwana)

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