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These are the service businesses with shortages in South Africa right now – including rubble removal

Phillip de Wet , Business Insider SA
 Jul 08, 2019, 01:10 PM
Appliance repair
  • South Africa needs more rubble removers, appliance repairers and better pool maintenance providers - numbers from online platform Kandua suggests.
  • Rubble removers make around R2,200 per job, compared to the R4,500 average charged by plumbers on Kandua.
  • Waterproofers and tree-fellers are busy, but homeowners can't find enough handymen for the jobs they need doing.
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South Africa has a lot of painters and plumbers available to do odd jobs, but there is room for more people specialising in appliance repair, general handyman jobs and rubble removal.

Data gathered by online service Kandua, which connects professional service providers with homeowners, shows that rubble removal is both in short supply and not particularly cheap.

Kandua tries to match customers who need casual jobs done around the home with multiple suppliers for competitive bidding on each job. According to its data, carpenters end up charging an average of R9,300 per job, while plumbers come in at R4,500 per job, and general handymen at R5,300 per job.

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Rubble removal, a considerably less specialised task, comes in at an average of R2,200 per job.

Such averages are just a guide, Kandua cautions, with job prices differing based on the type of service and the expertise required.

But its data also suggests that rubble removers may be able to demand a premium for their services. Kandua says its top three professions, by the number of suppliers registered on its system, are painters, plumbers, and renovators.

The top service categories in which it sees a clear need for more providers are rubble removal, appliance repair, and general handymen - rubble removal requires an investment in a specialised vehicle, Kandua points out.

Meanwhile, South African service professionals tend to brand themselves broadly to ensure they have a constant stream of work. As a result there are many "renovators" and "builders" available, but those looking for specialists in rubble removal will find slim pickings. 

Very busy (if not necessary lucrative) professions include home improvements, waterproofing, and tree-felling.

Kandua's statistics show that pool specialist charge an average of R21,000 per job – but pool maintenance is one of the most-complained about areas of home service, with reviews as bad as the construction industry.

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