Oops! Massive spelling mistake on Joburg police car

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Photo: Reddit
  • A Joburg metro "poice" car featured an embarrassing spelling mistake. 
  • The spelling error was made in a panel-beater's workshop and only one vehicle was affected. 
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The Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department has confirmed sightings of a police car with a massive spelling mistake on its side.

A photo of the “Poice” car was apparently first spotted in Pretoria and posted on a Reddit account.

The spelling error was made in a panel-beater's workshop where the vehicle was in for repairs. It was returned to the workshop for the mistake to be rectified, JMPD chief superintendent Wayne Minnaar told Business Insider South Africa. Only one vehicle was affected.

The mistake was embraced by the City of Johannesburg’s ever entertaining Twitter account, which used it to focus attention on the more than 1,000 metro police cadets who will be deployed this month after completing their training: 

Other social media users also had a field day:

A year ago, Cathay Pacific was embarrassed after a misspelling of its name on the side of its plane. An "f" from Pacific was not added, resulting in the plane being branded "Cathay Paciic". 

(Hong Kong Aviation Discussion Board)

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