Jeff Bezos playing with a robotic dragonfly.

  • Jeff Bezos tweeted footage of himself playing with a robot dragonfly.
  • The footage appears to be from Bezos' exclusive robotics conference, MARS.
  • It is the first time the Amazon CEO has tweeted since locking horns with the National Enquirer.

Jeff Bezos has tweeted a glimpse behind the curtain of his exclusive annual robotics conference - and it looks like he's loving life.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Bezos posted a video of himself playing with what appears to be a robotic dragonfly. He credited Festo AG with the creation, an automation company based in Esslingen, Germany.

The footage appears to be from Bezos's annual invite-only robotics conference MARS (Machine learning, home Automation, Robotics, and Space exploration ), which he typically hosts in the third week of March. Bezos hashtagged the tweet with #MARS2019.

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In the video, Bezos releases the robot into the air, where it circles as he laughs. It then lands in the hands of a man holding what looks like a control panel. "You're good at catching it," Bezos says to him. "You've done that before!"

You can watch the robot dragonfly here:

Festo AG replied to Bezos with a link to its BionicOpter, which it says has "technically mastered the highly complex flight characteristics of the dragonfly." Below is a closer look at the BionicOpter in action in 2013:

The conference appears to be taking Bezos' mind off more personal matters since the turn of the year. It is the first tweet from Bezos since he published his blockbuster blog accusing the National Enquirer of blackmailing him using intimate images of himself and his reported lover, Lauren Sanchez.

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