• A Japanese roboticist has invented a human-like child robot.
  • The robo-kid can talk, express feelings and move on its own.
  • The roboticist says the purpose of the invention is to interact with humans through human-like mortality.

An inventor in Japan, Hiroshi Ishiguro has created a life-like child robot named Ibuki.

Ibuki has the face of a young Japanese child. The robot can talk freely, blink and even express his feelings. Ibuki also has very quick eye movement. 

Robo-kid. (Ruptly)

"I have created a very human-like robot called Android and the purpose is to interact with humans through human-like mortality, human-like appearance and movements and human-like conversational abilities," says Ishiguro, who is a roboticist at Osaka University.

Assistant professor, Yoshihiro Nakata with Ibuki, the life-like child robot. (Ruptly)

According to Yoshihiro Nakata, an assistant professor also at Osaka University — the one key point is the human likeness. Nakata's work on Ibuki focused on the movement of the robot.

Androids previously couldn't move around, according to Ishiguro but "Ibuki can move with us and walk with us."

The life-like robot, Ibuki out on a stroll by itself. (YouTube)

Ibuki is as tall as a 10-year-old boy and moves with four wheels. Most of its actions are preprogrammed, but the robot will soon be able to converse with humans when it adopts similar linguistic techniques as Ishiguro's previous human-like androids.

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