• January is described as the longest month of the year, as many South Africans received their last salary in the middle of December 2019. 
  • On Twitter, South Africans have been sharing their tips on how to survive the rest of the month on a tight budget. 
  • Business Insider SA chose some of the funniest and unusual tips people came up with. 
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Many South Africans describe January as the longest month, and worry about making it all the way through, especially those who received their last salary in mid-December – and who splurged on holidays and festivities.

Using the hashtag #JanuWorry on Twitter, they have been sharing their tips on surviving January, aside from conventional advice such as delaying payments.

Business Insider South Africa has chosen some of the funniest tips users shared on how to survive Januworry.

These are the best – or at least the most unusual – ways South Africans are planning on making it through January 2020.

Change your entertainment preferences

Make some dietary changes

By still celebrating, whatever it takes.

By getting more out

By taking care of your mental health

Embracing the benefits of co-parenting

By adopting religious practices 

— Kgetiz (@011GP) January 6, 2020

By embracing the many benefits of ice

And by changing your drinking habits 

(compiled by James de Villiers)

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