Jake, Bernie Sanders
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  • Instagram celebrity cat Ms. Fluffle Stilt Skin, who is rumoured to be owned by Jake Gyllenhaal, seemed to endorse Bernie Sanders last week with a post from the democratic primary debate.
  • Fluff captioned the photo "I'm feline this guy" - leading followers to believe that Gyllenhaal was voicing his support for Sanders' presidential campaign.
  • While there has been debate over Fluff's parentage, some Gyllenhaal fans (and Sanders supporters) are adamant that fluff is Gyllenhaal's cat.
  • Recent Twitter evidence suggests that Fluff might actually belong to a talent manager - meaning, Sanders can't count Gyllenhaal among his official supporters.
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Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders has secured endorsements from a wide range of Hollywood royalty, from Cardi B to Danny DeVito. More recently, the senator from Vermont received an endorsement from an up-and-coming influencer: the cat rumoured to belong to Jake Gyllenhaal, affectionately known as Ms. Fluffle Stilt Skin by her 53,000 Instagram followers.

During the democratic primary debate on February 19, "Fluff" posted a photo of herself in front of Bernie Sanders' image on television. "I'm feline this guy," read the photo's caption, which has received over 12,000 likes.

Fluff has maintained a vibrant Instagram presence since March of 2019, posting photos of her adventures and engaging in a charming dialogue with Gyllenhaal's verified account.

"Went ham at the Pet Gala," the furry influencer captioned a photo from May.

"Fluff, did you see @zendaya ?? Her dress was sick!" Gyllenhaal responded.

While there has been some debate online as to whether the ms.flufflestiltskin account (and cat) belong to Gyllenhaal, the actor seemingly confirmed some affiliation during a Yahoo Entertainment interview in July. When asked if the furry Instagram star was, in fact, his cat, Gyllenhaal stared directly into the camera and winked.

While playing coy during an interview might not be definitive proof, Gyllenhaal seems to have a habit of commenting on her photos and driving her online presence.

Gyllenhaal himself has not made an official endorsement for any candidate, but Twitter quickly deemed the Instagram post to be the actor throwing his weight behind the democratic hopeful.

The self-proclaimed "real stans" shot back, claiming that the cat is not a Gyllenhaal.

One Twitter user offered up proof that the cat, in fact, belongs to the manager of alternative rock band Bad Suns

Ms. Fluffle Stilt Skin has not yet issued a statement on her parentage or released any more political posts. Sanders may have to wait before calling this an official endorsement.

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