You can now hire an 'Instagram boyfriend' for R16,000 a day

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  • You can now hire an Instagram boyfriend or the day in Rome.
  • A travel company is offering the package as an add-on to their "Rome in One Day" tour, allowing travellers to ensure they get the perfect candid snaps for Instagram.
  • However, the whole package will set you back €1,085 (R16,400).

There are many positives that come from travelling: the chance to unwind, learn about new cultures, and, of course, get some great content for the 'gram.

In fact, 40.1% of millennials deem 'Instagrammability' an important factor when considering a holiday destination, according to a recent survey.

If you didn't post on Instagram from your holiday, did you even really go?

But the trouble is, getting great snaps of yourself looking candid AF on your travels relies on having a decent photographer - the phenomenon of the "Instagram boyfriend" is very real - but what do you do if you're single? Or travelling with your parents? Or simply have a boyfriend who consistently chops your feet off in pictures when clearly your amazing sandals were the whole point of the shot?

It's a very real struggle for many.

Go to Rome, however, and you need struggle no more, for it is now possible to hire an Instagram boyfriend for the day.

Yes, a tour company has launched a new package providing travellers with professional photographers to follow them around the Italian capital for the day, taking gorgeous photos for the 'gram as they go.

Specialist tour operators Roma Experience is offering the package as an add-on to their Experience Rome in One Day tour, but it's quite the investment: the basic tour costs €735 (R11,400), and the Instagram boyfriend extra is an additional €350 (R5,400), which means the whole thing will set you back €1,085 (R16,800).

You'll have your Insta boyfriend (who could be male or female) for just three hours, which means you'll have to get cracking on the shoot.

"We know that social media has become a hugely influential factor for travellers," Davide Bolognesi, Marketing Manager at Roma Experience, said.

"People today are experiencing the world through their camera, and via photographs, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, after all, as the old saying goes, 'a picture speaks a thousand words.'

"It is important for us to keep up with the continually developing desires of our travellers, and as high-quality holiday snaps become an ever more important factor for travellers we want to ensure we can provide that."

The company isn't the only one capitalising on travellers' desire to document their trips with top-notch content for their social media accounts - Shoot My Travel provides wannabe influencers with professional photoshoots that deliver those sought-after candid shots in beautiful locations.

Whether your hired Insta boyfriend will also pose for a #couplegoals shot by the Trevi fountain remains to be seen.

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