Apple didn't reveal its new iPhone when it usually does — here's when the 2020 iPhone is coming out

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  • Apple usually launches new iPhones in September like clockwork, but the company expects the launch of its next iPhone to be "a few weeks later" compared to last year's iPhone launch.
  • The rumoured launch time for the upcoming iPhone "12" is October, a time when Apple also occasionally holds an event that's usually reserved for products like Mac and iPad launches.
  • Here's when we expect the new iPhone to launch and when we think it will arrive in stores.

If 2020 were a normal year, Apple would have likely released its latest iPhone by now, as new iPhones are usually announced at Apple's usual September event that already took place on September 15. 

But 2020 isn't a normal year, and Apple's September event was used to reveal the new Apple Watch Series 6, the new iPad, and new iPad Air. 

But don't worry, that doesn't mean Apple isn't lifting spirits in 2020 with a new iPhone. 

When will the new iPhone come out?

The 2020 iPhone — known in the rumoursphere as the iPhone "12" — will be released "a few weeks later" than usual, according to Apple itself. The delay comes amid supply chain delays due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"A few weeks later" could mean October, as Apple occasionally held events during that month for Mac and iPad launches. Exactly which day in October is still unknown, as Apple hasn't issued invitations or announced an October event yet.

But the above just for the iPhone 12 launch event. The actual release date — when you can buy it — my not be for a few days or couple weeks after the announcement launch event. Indeed, iPhones usually go on sale a few days or weeks after the announcement. The iPhone 11 series was announced on September 10 2019, preorders started on September 13, and it wasn't fully released until September 20. 

We'll keep you updated on the launch and release date of the new iPhone as we learn more.

For now, all we have are rumours that suggest that there will be four different iPhone 12 models, they'll all support 5G networks, and they'll have a new design with sharper edges that may take cues from the classic iPhone 4 and current iPad Pro. 

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