Julia Slonska using a hammer to smash the nose off a 200-year-old Polish statue.
  • A Polish teenager is being criticised after an Instagram video showed her vandalising a 200-year-old statue.
  • Instagrammer Julia Slonska, 18, was filmed using a hammer to smash the nose off the historic sculpture.
  • She has reportedly since been dropped from an advertising campaign, Metro reports.
  • Slonska has since apologised for her actions.
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A Polish teenager is being criticised online after a video showed her vandalizing a historic statue.

Instagram user @advvx posted a video on her story which showed fellow Instagrammer Julia Slonska, presumed to be a friend, repeatedly hitting the nose of the statue with a hammer until it falls off.

The woman behind the camera can be heard laughing throughout the video.

The statue in question was a 200-year-old sculpture in Warsaw, Poland's Swiss Valley Park, Metro reports.

Although the Instagram story has since disappeared, the video was uploaded to YouTube after being widely shared online.

The teenager was described as "dumb and brainless," and some called for her to be arrested.

"There's no cure for that degree of selfishness and stupidity," one person commented on YouTube.

"I hope everyone involved gets in some sort of trouble. It's so disrespectful," added another.

Slonska, 18, currently has 6,270 followers on Instagram, and it's possible she performed the stunt in a bid to boost her following.

However, the prank has reportedly resulted in Slonska being dropped by online Polish bank mBank, who'd hired her to be in an advertising campaign.

Metro reports that a spokesperson for the bank said on Instagram: "We definitely do not support such behaviour, and the appropriate services should deal with it.

"As for the responsibility for what the actress does many weeks after the completed photos are taken - we cannot be responsible for the individual choices of such people.

"In this case, it's a role for carers. We do not plan to involve this girl in the next spots."

The teenager reportedly issued an apology in Polish on her Instagram story the day after the incident, which, after translation, is believed to have said: "What happened yesterday should not have taken place at all and seriously, I regret that I did it.

"I'm so stupid. I will not say what was driving me, why I did it, because it is more of a private affair, but I really wanted to apologise to everyone."

Slonska did not immediately respond to INSIDER's request for comment.

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