Crystal car

  • A crystal-studded Lamborghini is taking the internet by storm.
  • The Russian Instagram model Daria Radionova showed off the flashy supercar in London last week.
  • The R7 million car is covered in 2 million Swarovski crystals.
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London may be full of flashy supercars, but a Russian Instagram model and fashion blogger has found a new way to turn heads: covering a R7 million Lamborghini Aventador in millions of expensive Swarovski crystals.

Daria Radionova last week posted photos of the car around London, including in the posh Knightsbridge and Sloane Square neighborhoods. The supercar appears to have been decked out with the crystals by the UK's Cars in Cloaks, which also posted photos of the car on Instagram.

Radionova appears to like all things crystal or gold. She previously outfitted her Bentley and another Lamborghini in similar crystals.

An Instagram account called Rich Kids of London has become popular in recent years, sharing photos of opulent shows of wealth like Radionova's. The account has 20.3K followers, and its Facebook page has 1,916 likes. As you might expect, both feeds are full of private jets, gold Bentley's, and expensive houses to remind regular people of how the 1% lives.

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