• Influencer Skye Wheatley angered some people with her latest prize giveaway post.
  • She promoted the competition with photos of herself and her son posing in a supermarket among the empty shelves.
  • Aisles in supermarkets are bare right now because of panic and bulk buying during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.
  • Commenters called the post "tacky" and "insensitive."
  • Wheatley then edited the post, asking people to "please send love not hate."
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Former Big Brother star turned Instagram influencer Skye Wheatley received a lot of angry comments on her latest prize giveaway post.

She promoted a competition where entrants could win £10,000 (R206,00) with three photos of her and her son posing in a supermarket among empty shelves.

Aisles in supermarkets around the world are bare right now because of panic and bulk buying during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Some said Wheatley was being "insensitive" and that she should take the post down. Others said the post was "tone deaf" and that she should be "ashamed" of herself.

One fan said she could no longer follow Wheatley because the photos were "completely unnecessary and hurtful."

"I go to bed tonight with both myself and my partner uncertain if we have a job tomorrow," they wrote. "Everything we have worked so hard for gone (like it is for many more ) in a heartbeat. When I see these empty shelves it breaks my heart to think of a world that once was, one that will return but one that will now be a very uncertain place for our children to grow up in.

"For that reason alone I find these photos so upsetting. There is no kindness in poking fun at such heartache. All the very best to you at this difficult time."

After the backlash, Wheatley edited the caption on her post, urging people to spread positivity and be kind while everyone is struggling.

"Please be kind to one another, please send love not hate, please focus on the positives and be aware of the negatives but shift your energy to the light not the darkness," she wrote. "Obviously there is a lot of sadness in the world but PLEASE keep your minds and bodies strong with love not hate."

She told followers to scroll past the post if it didn't "sit well" with them, and instead to "fill your soul with things that will make you happy during this time."

"Anger isn't helping the world right now," she said.

A lot of the latest comments on Wheatley's post are now full of support, thanking her for the opportunity to provide for their families during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

"Much love to you Skye," one fan wrote. "You do you and block the haters. Honestly."

"Your story just made me cry," said another. "The people posting negative comments are probably also the ones buying and hoarding everything off those shelves. Everyone needs to lighten up!"

Insider has contacted Wheatley's management for comment.

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