Each week, Business Insider South Africa visits offices around the country to track the latest trends in business fashions. 

We visited Cell C's head office in Midrand last week

This week we feature the e-retailer Superbalist at the company’s head office in Cape Town. 

You can also submit your office look by simply posting your office look on Instagram, tagging @bisouthafrica and using the hashtag #Insiderlook. You can also nominate your office by emailing us today. 

Mira Leibowitz - Senior stylist

"I'm a big fan of combining black and navy when it comes to fashion. Today I threw on this navy leather A-line skirt which is great for creating that small waist kinda look, regardless of your shape or size. These black patent block heels are my go-to.” 

Donna-Lee de Kock - Freelance fashion stylist

"This was a change from my original plan. I didn't know that Cape Town was bringing the heat today. Also, comfort is key."

Leandro De Sousa Benito - Fashion stylist

"Comfort is key when it comes to working in the studio. Throw a hat on to elevate the look. Layering is fundamental!"

Shai Rama - Copywriter

"Kinda chose the first things I found this morning. But hey, emerald and navy is a bit of a look, right?"

Abongwe Qokela - Community manager

"Taking what would be a night out dress to the streets and my favourite sneakers (vans) for the culture."

Devon Daniels - Senior sneaker buyer

“I've been dressing up the entire week and today was a day to dress down. My sneakers should always be fire.” 

Jason Basson - Fashion director

"I wore this today because... well, why not? We could do with some extra Girl Power in the corporate world. Oh, and I love corduroy."

Keshia Chapman - Digital designer

"Everyday is an opportunity to explore something new. I opted out my old school vans for these classic brogues. It's interesting what a pair of shoes can do to your look."

Albe Brink - Visual merchandiser 

“Woke up wanting to feel comfortable but not ‘boring’.” 

Fadwah Richards - Senior buyer of womenswear 

“My winter staple leather leggings came out with the cold...and then just layered from there.” 

Aaron Lynch - Chief technical officer 

"My day usually consists of anything from being in meetings to being on set so my outfit needs to make sense for both situations. Comfortable enough to run around on set and smart enough to be taken seriously in a meeting. Business casual. "

Doni Del Sal - Style analyst

“Striped shirts are in. A stripe can be rather serious but, I made it fun today with the long tee.” 

Dylan Muhlenberg - Editor 

"Today I've gone totally tonal and made up an outfit of similar hues using my Sol Sol chinos, Grasshoppers and a vintage shirt. There's a waxed cotton jacket hanging over my chair, too. I have aspirations of starting an artist's retreat (cult) in the Karoo with my mistress; when I do I'll completely commit to khaki fever and this will become my uniform."

Jabulile Dlamini-Qwesha - Publishing assistant

"My look was inspired by the fact that I'm tired... but I don't want it to be obvious, so I'm in black. It takes less effort to pull it off."