Lauren Kettering received criticism for a recent TikTok featuring her puppy Rocky.
  • A TikToker with over 6 million followers is being criticized for one of her videos.
  • Lauren Kettering filmed her puppy with a treat jar on his head.
  • She assured viewers he was safe and can take it off himself after some claimed "animal abuse."
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A TikTok star with over 6 million followers had to post an apology and explanation after she received criticism for one of her videos featuring her German Shepherd puppy.

Lauren Kettering laughed while filming her dog, called Rocky, when he had his head in a jar of treats. However, what she thought of as just a funny clip had some critics claiming "animal abuse."

Some viewers said the puppy wouldn't be able to breathe with a jar stuck on his head, while others said it made them "sick" that Kettering didn't seem to help him get it off.

The barrage of negativity led Kettering to delete the TikTok and go live on Instagram to explain that Rocky is "crazy" and picks things out of the trash all the time. She added that he shoves his head inside the jar himself, and it was taken off right after the TikTok was filmed.

"It was only for the clip that you guys saw, and we threw it away to the trash chute at that time, to where he can't get it," she said. This wasn't a sufficient explanation for everyone, though.

"I understand having an overactive dog but as a pet owner it's YOUR responsibility to monitor the dog and make sure it doesn't get itself in harmful situations," one viewer wrote on the clip, which was posted to the Instagram account tiktokroom. "When those situations happens, help it instead of laughing at it struggling. I hope she learns from this situation because if not then she shouldn't have a dog at all. [sic]"


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Kettering explained further in an Instagram story that the video was cut short, and Rocky only had his head in the jar for a few seconds.

"There's space for him to get out," she said. "I would never do anything bad to my dog, if you know me you know that. I am not an animal abuser."

She added that people are entitled to their own opinions and feelings, but the messages she was receiving were "uncalled for."

"It's obvious I love my dogs and would do anything for them," she said.

Kettering's comment sections on her latest TikToks are still flooded with comments regarding the now-deleted TikTok, saying she shouldn't own a puppy and should give him away. There are also comments in support of her, telling her to ignore "the bullies."

"They threw the can away, you guys are being overdramatic," one comment reads. "You guys literally cancel anyone for anything."

Insider has reached out to Kettering for further comment.

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