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  • Ad agency Ogilvy South Africa has launched its own influencer marketing division under the name InfluenceO.
  • Covid-19 has shown the power of influencers, the agency says, and it believes there is an appetite for such social media marketing in SA.
  • It is now looking for the right South African influencers on channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.
  • We asked InfluenceO how South Africans can get in on the action. Here's what it advises.
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Big-name advertising agency Ogilvy South Africa has launched a dedicated influencer marketing division under the name InfluenceO, promising clients it will find just the right people on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok for their campaigns.

Covid-19 has shown the power of influencers, the company says, but has also increased the pressure to make every cent count in corporate campaigns.

In order to do that, says InfluenceO, it will be looking at audience, location, topics, engagement rates, true reach, brand portfolio – and "potential risk factors".

Influencers vary in age, expertise, and background, the company says, and could include celebrities, media personalities, sports people, bloggers and vloggers. But they could also be experts in a particular field who are authoritative on a specific subject.

There is no minimum follower count, InfluenceO says, and no other hard metrics on who may be count as an influencer.

Nor is there any rule of thumb on how much influencers can expect to be paid.

"It all depends on their following and engagement rates," the company told Business Insider South Africa. "The better these are, the more an influencer can ask for. Sometimes there may be products offered from brands for review from a micro- and nano-influencer perspective."

But there are a couple of general things you can keep in mind if you want to be picked as an influencer.

  • Register on, the platform InfluenceO uses to identify and vet potential influencer partners.
  • Target an audience that is primarily in South Africa.
  • Keep your engagement rates high, and your fake follower count low.
  • Make sure your contact details are on, and are up to date.

(Compiled by Phillip de Wet)

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