This is what quick-frozen chicken pieces cost in every province – and the differences are startling

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  • Data from Statistics South Africa shows enormous differences between the prices of frozen chicken in different provinces.
  • When South African Market Insights ran the numbers for May, it found that KwaZulu-Natal pays 36% more for individually quick-frozen chicken than the Northern Cape.
  • The Eastern Cape, Gauteng, North West, Gauteng and Limpopo also pay above the average R40.10 per kilogram.

In May 2018 KwaZulu-Natal paid 36% more for individually quick-frozen (IQF) chicken pieces than the Northern Cape did, an analysis of data from Statistics South Africa shows.

Those two provinces were at the top and bottom of a surprisingly large variety in prices for a commodity product in which there is fierce competition from a number of manufacturers.

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Importers and local producers are supposedly locked in a devastating war as imported frozen chicken forces down prices.

But when South African Market Insights broke down the numbers by province, it found that the prices are not as uniform as such a war would suggest. While KZN paid R45.70 for a kilogram of IQF chicken, the Northern Cape paid only R33.6 for the same product.

Here is how the prices stacked up:

Average price per 1kg of individually quick-frozen (IQF) chicken.See the full interactive graphic at South African Market Insights.

Gauteng came in a close second to KZN, paying R45.30 per kilogram.

But that does not mean provinces with big cities such as Durban and Johannesburg pay more, or that more rural provinces get their chicken cheaper; the Western Cape came in considerably cheaper than Limpopo.

The average price for a kilogram of individually quick-frozen chicken was R40.10 for the month.

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