Shoprite recalled viennas produced by its own brand Farmer's Deli on Friday. Health authorities notified the retailer of the presence of listeria bacteria in a single batch of the viennas.
Listeria has been responsible for more than 180 deaths in South Africa since January 2017.

Retailers and producers have recalled a number of different cold meat products, which should be returned to shops as soon as possible: 

Pick and Pay

  • PNP Fresh Black pepper Chicken Roll (4X2.5kg =10kg)
  • PNP Fresh Garden Herb Chicken Roll (4X2.5kg =10kg)
  • PNP Fresh Plain Chicken Roll (4X2.5kg =10kg)
  • PNP Fresh Sweet Chilli Roll (4X2.5kg =10kg)
  • PNP Fresh Cheese Chicken Roll (4X2.5kg =10kg)

Rainbow Rainbow

  • Fresh Polony 1kg
  • Simply Chicken Chakalaka Polony 1kg
  • Simply Cheese Polony 700g
  • Simply Chicken Original 1kg
  • Simply Chicken Peri Peri Polony 1kg
  • Rainbow Simply Chicken Original 750g
  • Rainbow Simply Chicken Polony Polony 400g
  • RussiansRainbow IQF Chilli Russians 1kg
  • Rainbow IQF cheese Russians 850g
  • Rainbow IQF original Russian 1kg
  • Farmer Brown cabinet Loaves 
  • Farmer Brown Roast Chicken Loaf 500g 
  • Farmer Brown  Capsicum pepper loaf 500g 
  • Farmer Brown Garlic & herb loaf 500g 
  • Framer Brown Deli loaves
  • Farmer Brown Capscum Pepper Loaf (4X2.5kg =10kg)
  • Farmer brown B Roast Chicken Loaf (4X2.5kg =10kg)
  • Farmer brown B Garlic & Herb Chicken Loaf (4X2.5kg =10kg)
  • Rainbow Simply Chicken Mini Cheese Viennas 240g
  • Rainbow Simply Chicken Mini Viennas 240g
  • Rainbow Simply Chicken Viennas assorted 1kg
  • Rainbow Simply Chicken Viennas assorted 1kg
  • Rainbow Simply Chicken Viennas 500g
  • Rainbow Simply Chicken Viennas 500g


All ready-to eat-processed meat products under the following brands:

  • Bokkie
  • Renown
  • Enterprise Lifestyle Range
  • Mieliekip


  • Wafer thin Chargrilled Ham 125g
  • Waferthin Roasted Chicken 125g
  • Waferthin Smoked Ham 125g
  • Waferthin Cooked Ham 125g
  • Waferthin Smoked Chicken 125g
  • 500g Smoked Viennas
  • 1kg Smoked Viennas
  • 500g Red Viennas
  • 1kg Red Viennas
  • 375g Cocktail Viennas
  • 125g Smoked Cheesy Viennas 400g
  • Bulk Salami Sticks 150g
  • Salami Sticks 85g
  • Plain Salami Sticks 85g
  • Spicy Salami Sticks 60g
  • Plain Salami Bites 150g
  • Spicy Salami Sticks 85g
  • Coriander Salami 60g
  • Spicy Salami Bites 250g
  • Smoked and Roasted Gammon
  • Sliced Lean Ham 125g
  • Sliced Cooked Ham 250g
  • Sliced Cooked Ham 125g
  • 250g Ham Selection
  • Assorted Cold Meat 200g
  • Sliced Salami 100g
  • Salami 100g
  • German Salami
  • 100g Sliced Peppered
  • SalamiLocal Chorizo
  • 100g Spicy Salami
  • 125g Country Ham


  • All ready-to eat-processed meat products. 

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