Photo: Latest Sightings
  • A hyena managed to steal an impala from a massive python, captured in a video that has just been released.
  • The python already killed the impala by squeezing the life out of it, and was just about to start swallowing it.
  • But the hyena took the gap and stole the buck from the deadly snake.
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Known as master scavengers, a hyena lived up to its species’ reputation by stealing an impala kill from a massive python in the South African bush.

Wildlife guide Jason Joubert (33) captured the moment in a video that was published by the popular wildlife website, Latest Sightings, on Tuesday. Latest Sightings shares videos captured by visitors to South Africa's game reserves.

Watch the video here:

“I spotted a hyena with his nose right to the ground, searching an open area. He seemed to be very interested in whatever it is he got a scent of and kept scouting the area for a while," says Joubert, who came across the scene in the western part of the Sabi Sands reserve, which borders the Kruger National Park. "Upon further inspection, the hyena found an African Rock Python wrapped around a young impala!”

After squeezing the impala to its death, the python was starting to swallow it when the hyena arrived.

A typical African rock python adult measures up to 3.5m, and can weigh more than 50kg, but the hyena remained unimpressed.

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Joubert says that the hyena crept closer and closer until it was just close enough to snatch away the meal.

“The python put up a good fight, mirroring the hyena's movement with its head, while still holding on to the impala! Eventually, the hyena wore the python down, and then it was quite an easy steal.

“I was ecstatic! In 13 years of guiding, I had never seen anything like this, I was just bummed that the python lost its kill after a lot of hard work. though,” Joubert told Latest Sightings.  

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For those who miss the call of the wild during lockdown, many South African game reserves now offer virtual safaris, including Shamwari Private Game Reserve, which will take you on a game drive. There are also livestream webcams available at SanParks reserves. 

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