A robot has been launched which, its makers claim, "bridges the gap between man and machine".

Furhat Robotics have released Furhat, which they say is the world’s most advanced social robotics platform.

Unlike the ultra-realism depicted by the likes of TV show Westworld, Furhat uses computer animation to represent a human-like face. It’s also capable of projecting just about anything you want, from a dog to an alien.

The head and shoulders robot weights about 3.5kg and can mimic natural head movement. Thanks to a built-in camera it can recognise and track faces.

The robot could replace a concierge or a receptionist, and can facilitate employee training or even carrying out what the company calls "unbiased interviews".

The company, based in Stockholm, says Furhat is capable of interacting with humans the way we interact with each other.

Currently it can speak 40 languages.

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