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Hugh Grant is knocking on doors to persuade Brits against Brexit, and fans are comparing it to 'Love Actually'

Hayley Peppin , Business Insider US
 Dec 02, 2019, 08:36 PM

Fans are comparing Hugh Grant's political door-knocking to his character as the British prime minister in "Love Actually."
David Mirzoeff/PA Images via Getty Images

  • Hugh Grant was door-knocking in London streets on Sunday night and fans are referencing his political endeavours to his character in the classic Christmas film "Love Actually."
  • The 2003 movie saw Grant play the British prime minister knocking on doors to find his love interest Natalie in the lead up to Christmas after winning the general election.
  • But in real life, the 59-year-old actor has been campaigning against Brexit in the lead up to the UK's first December election since 1923.
  • People on Twitter excitedly branded the film as "historically accurate" and even called Grant "The Prime Minister Britain needs right now."
  • Grant was even asked at a Q&A event afterward how "as a former prime minister" he would deal with the US president, to which Grant responded saying it would be difficult with a "complete moron as a president."
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Hugh Grant has been door-knocking across London neighbourhoods in the name of politics and fans are comparing it to his character in "Love Actually."

The last time the 59-year-old went door-knocking in London was when he played a prime minister looking for his love interest Natalie in the Christmas classic. This time the British actor hit the north London streets of Finchley and Golders Green to persuade Brits against Brexit.

Hugh Grant shaking hands with home owners in Finchley and Golders Green.
Leon Neal/Getty Images

Grant's political endeavours on Sunday night led to fans excitedly saying art was imitating reality.

Some called the much-loved film "historically accurate" as Grant goes door-to-door in the lead up to Christmas just like his character as the prime minister.

One person wrote: "I miss having a Prime Minister who stands up to American presidents who threaten British interests... Wait... Love Actually isn't historically accurate?! Dammit Hugh Grant!"

While another tweeted: "Dear Hugh Grant. Just know that if you come knocking on my door in a political capacity I will happily talk to you, AFTER you've done that dance from Love Actually."

Others used the opportunity as an excuse to express their current personal political opinions by championing Grant's character as being: "The Prime Minister Britain needs right now."

Another called him "the greatest fake prime minister Britain has ever had."

"Love Actually" saw Grant take up Britain's most powerful job as a single man who falls in love with a junior member of staff at 10 Downing Street.

And in real life, the UK are also gearing up for their own December election to be held in two weeks between the incumbent Boris Johnson and opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn. It's the first December election for the country since 1923.

Hugh Grant as the British prime minister dancing to "Jump" in "Love Actually."
Movieclips Love Actually/YouTube

"The real reason I'm here is, like so many of the population now, poll after poll has shown Britain has changed its mind," Grant explained to The New European about his decision to take to the streets. At a Q&A event, Grant was even asked "as a former prime minister" how he would deal with the US president, in another reference to his "Love Actually" character.

Grant responded saying it would be difficult with a "complete moron as a president."

Canvassing in Westminster on Monday for the Liberal Democrat candidate Chuka Umunna, the actor branded the prime minister "Pinnochio" and told Business Insider's Adam Payne: "I really can't see that he has any beliefs at all except Boris Johnson and his career."

Grant with Liberal Democrat candidate for Finchley and Golders Green, Luciana Berger.
David Mirzoeff/PA Images via Getty Images

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