Huawei smarphone line president Kevin Ho at a pres
Huawei smarphone line president Kevin Ho at a press briefing in Paris, France, on Tuesday (James de Villiers, Business Insider South Africa)
  • Huawei said consumer data on its smartphones is protected by encrypted chips. 
  • The US accused Huawei of being used by China’s “mass security apparatus”. 
  • iPhones also feature encryption software for personal consumer data such as fingerprints. 

Nearly a month after the United States (US) accused Huawei of being ‘duplicitous and deceitful’, Huawei promised that consumer data is secure on its smartphones.

Huawei is the world’s largest supplier of telecommunications products - and is making a big push for 5G connectivity. 

In February, the US tried to persuade Europe to ban the use of Huawei technologies, saying it could possibly be used to assist China’s “mass security apparatus”.

At Huawei’s P30 launch event in Paris, France, on Tuesday, journalists were barred from asking the Chinese multinational about the US’ accusations. 

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Asked, however, about the assurance of security on Huawei phones as it can now be used to replace car keys, Huawei’s smartphone product line president Kevin Ho said all P30’s feature encrypted chips. 

“[The encrypted chip] is very difficult even for the hacker to steal it,” Ho said at a press briefing following the P30's release. 

Apple, similarly, said its iPhone’s Xs also features special encrypted chips for personal data such as fingerprints which are nearly impossible to steal. 

Huawei’s P30 launch in Paris follows an official state visit to France by Chinese president Xi Jinping on Monday. 

During his visit, Xi agreed to address the world's economic and security challenges, establishing "a trust-based partnership" in contrast to US president Donald Trump's protectionist policies. 

De Villiers was a guest of Huawei in Paris.

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