Dave Chamberlain after completing the Two Oceans m
Dave Chamberlain after completing the Two Oceans marathon on Saturday (Facebook, BirdLife South Africa)

South African long-distance runner Dave Chamberlain completed the Two Oceans Marathon on Saturday morning - a route he ran for fifty days, every day, to raise funds for the endangered African penguin.

The 42-year-old - who has crossed Canada, jogged the length of Argentina and run through the Namibian desert - ran a jaw-dropping 2,800 km over the fifty days.

He managed to raise a total of R122,000 to help BirdLife South Africa create new African Penguin colonies in the Indian Ocean by relocating penguins from the Atlantic Ocean where they are struggling to survive.

Chamberlain said he started running eight years ago, predominantly to raise money for non-profit campaigns.

“At the beginning, it was my mother’s transition from a non-runner to running Comrades within a year that inspired me to run,” Chamberlain told Business Insider South Africa.

“After recognising that there was more to herself than she’d imagined, I joined her on her first ever training run.”

Chamberlain, a former scuba instructor, gave Business Insider South Africa a list of tips to help runners easily complete the Two Oceans ultra-marathon.

Run slowly

Chamberlain encouraged all newbie runners to start slowly, and thereafter to learn how to run slowly - both physically and mentally. This will help runners to build stamina and complete longer distances.

Buy good shoes

Poor shoes can increase the likelihood of injuries, and leave you with sore feet and blisters,  he said. He said runners should, therefore, invest in a good pair of running shoes, and replace them timeously.

Use technology

A GPS watch and heart rate monitor will help runners improve their time over time, Chamberlain said. “But, it will also help you learn to listen to what your body is telling you.”

Don’t get stuck

Chamberlain suggests that new runners use a smartphone with an ehailing app like Uber to run different routes. “Don’t get stuck running the same route because you can’t get back home,” he said. This will keep running interesting while discovering new areas.

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