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  • It's easy to spend money – but also easy to save it by making the most of online tools and pawn shops.
  • Financial planning consult Jaco Prinsloo recommends considering trading in the gym membership for YouTube tutorials, and going second-hand on the gear for your new hobby.
  • Turning your back on that expensive bank could also go a long way.

Before you sign up for yoga classes or guitar lessons, or take up golfing, consider just how much that is going to cost you – and how much you could be saving by being smart about it.

Planning to save a little every day means using some of the easy mechanisms right in front of you, often on your smartphone, says Jaco Prinsloo, a financial planning consultant at financial services group Alexander Forbes.

And that can help make saving a habit, rather than an event.

Here are 5 simple ways to save money every day – without changing your life much. 

Learn stuff from YouTube, and friends.

Joining a gym, or finding an activity to help you keep fit, is a perennial favourite new year's resolution. But before joining the gym or golf club, or even a cooking class, Prinsloo says you should look online or tap into your social network.

"You can save on expensive joining and membership fees by learning the basics from YouTube, a friend or family member."

You will be surprised what you can learn online, from yoga and making the perfect espresso to bird watching, he says.

That way you may be able to skip at least some introductory classes.

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Change your bank

"When was the last time you checked what your monthly banking charges are, and what value you are getting for those fees?" asks Prinsloo.

There have been many changes in the banking industry over the last few years, including new disruptive banks with lower bank charges and banks with bundle options.

"Look into the option of switching to another bank which offers you a more suitable solution for your needs and banking habits," Prinsloo recommends.

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Do it yourself

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You could get someone to clean your roof, change your oil or do those minor repairs around the house – or you could do it yourself. That way you save while learning something new, and you may burn a couple of calories too.

Google it

(Google Search)

Like YouTube, Google can be a surprisingly helpful saving tool.

Google will allow you to search and compare just about any products or services. Not Googling first is a quick route to overpaying.

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Pawn shops

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If you are taking up bicycling, golf or just about anything that needs equipment, go second-hand.

"Before you buy new equipment, try your local pawn shop or one of the many online second hand sites for easy savings," Prinsloo recommends.

Just use your pawn shop visit as an opportunity to save money, not an opportunity to walk away with random stuff you see on the shelves. 

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