Some of Natalie de Bruyn's designs (Instagram, @na
Some of Natalie de Bruyn's designs (Instagram, @natdebruyn)

A digital illustration is an easy way to make something personal and special for someone who’s far away, says South African illustrator Natalie de Bruyn.

De Bruyn, who has been making digital illustrations on her cellphone since 2014, says she started illustrating as a means of procrastination.

“In 2014, however, my residence at Stellenbosch University put out a call for illustrations for shirts, and instead of taking a photo of what I drew, I wanted it to be accessed digitally.”

“Since then it has grown into a creative outlet, something I hope to make a career of.”

De Bryn showed Business Insider South Africa how to make easy digital illustrations using your phone.

Step 1) Download Genius Scan and PhotoGrid. 

Step 2) Draw anything on a blank piece of paper.

De Bruyn says you can use ballpoint pen or a fineliner, but fineliner gives a more defined effect.

Step 3) Add document to Genius Scan. 

Step 4) Take a photo using Genius Scan. 

Step 5) Enhance the photo to black and white. 

Step 6) Export to your photo gallery. 

Make sure the “Format” is set to JPEG and “Export to” Photos. 

Step 7) Open PhotoGrid and choose the Grid option. 

Step 8) Select your design saved in your photo gallery. 

Step 9) Scale your design to the size you’d like it.

De Bruyn says here you'll also have the opportunity to crop unwanted blotches from the design or add wingdings such as emoticons and text. 

Step 10) Delete the watermark. 

Step 11) Set the background to white. 

Step 12) When you’re done editing, click next and proceed to save your design. 


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